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July 12th-16th ~ 2017 Karl Oskar Days

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If you’re a guest at the Summit Inn Bed and Breakfast anytime between July 12th-16th we have a special treat for you! Lindstrom, the largest city of the Chisago Lakes community, is having their city festival. Karl Oskar Days has been a tradition for 55 years. Each year as unique as the last, it is a phenomenal chance to experience the warmth of our bedroom community. Celebrating again our Swedish heritage and the 4 book series “The Emigrants” inspired by our scenic and Scandinavian-like landscape when Vilhelm Moberg visited in 1948.

Karl Oskar is a fictional character but Lindstrom has made him and his wife Kristina real. Starting Wednesday July 12th, our annual Snuff Box hunt begins. Yes, I said Snuff Box. Personally I have never found it so I have no clue what it looks like but it could possibly be an empty box that once held snuff hidden within the Lindstrom City limits. When I was a kid, it was said it was golden and that’s how you know you have the right one. Haha! Who knows?!?! Each day a new clue is posted at 4 local businesses until the box is found. Here is a link to more details: Snuff Box Hunt.

In addition to the Snuff Box hunt there are a lot of other fabulous events and activities planned by our Chamber of Commerce and City of Lindstrom. I won’t try to mention everything but I assure you from Cribbage Tournaments to Auto Shows, Craft Fairs to an inflatable park, there will be something for you to not only participate in but thoroughly enjoy!!! Did I mention the parade and fireworks?!?! The full schedule is here: Karl Oskar Days 2017. They also have a very informative Facebook Page.

If you’re not from around the area and need help with where downtown, the Lion’s Park, the Beach Park or other celebration locations are, feel free to ask any of the Innkeepers at Summit Inn Bed and Breakfast. We will be happy to point you in the right direction!